Worry is a normal emotion.  We all experience it.

In fact anxiety disorders are the most common mental health concern for children, teenagers and adults.

We are an educational consultancy focused on empowering people to be resilient for life.  We achieve this in two ways:

  1. We provide you and your child with effective tools and ability to take control over your life and have a sense of purpose.
  2. We provide quality facilitator training for people who wish to deliver the FRIENDS emotional resilience children and youth programs in their own school, organisation, clinic or community.

Our programs are tailored for both adults and children, are evidence-based, and are endorsed by the World Health Organisation.

How do you know if you or your child has anxiety difficulties?

Life is like a roller coaster – sometimes it’s great and thrilling, and sometimes it’s just scary and stomach-churning!

Some people approach life with confidence and excitement, while others face it with trepidation and worry.

When worry becomes intense or prolonged then it might be time to seek help.

Do you or your child experience:

  • Persistent worry about upcoming events
  • Avoidance
  • Attention to threat / hyper vigilance
  • Fast and sustained physiological changes
  • Stress related physical symptoms
  • Difficulty in resting and going to sleep
  • Shyness
  • Social withdrawal
  • Perfectionism
  • Appetite changes

We help adults and children overcome states of anxiety, depression and stress, and increase their sense of well-being and happiness.


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