Our Vision

The Vision of Jenny Bell Oranga Ltd. is to educate, encourage and inspire people to increase their sense of wellbeing and happiness, and through this process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world

Our Mission

Empowering people to be resilient for life

The woven leaf of our logo is representative of how we achieve this; the three light green strands depict the dynamic relationship between whakapiri / engagement, whakamarama/ enlightenment and whakamana/ empowerment. The two dark green strands woven through represent that of health and well-being. The butterfly represents transformation / change through our personal growth journey.

Our Philosophy

Tuhonohono Rangatahi / Weaving Connections through

Whakapiri / Engagement

  • Successful engagement leads to better outcomes
  • Successful engagement leads to a readiness and willingness to engage in wellbeing programmes
  • Establishing rapport requires attention to; intuitive understanding of cultural nuance; use of space, time, boundaries & ways of thinking

Whakamarama / Enlightenment

  • Interventions should lead to a higher level of enlightenment. That is, increased awareness, understanding and maturity
  • Enlightenment, may be; sensed / (taha) wairua; understood / (taha) hinengaro; felt / (taha) tinana; shared / (taha) whanau

Whakamana / Empowerment

  • Interventions should ultimately lead to empowerment
  • Our mission is to empower people to be resilient for life