Adult Workshops

I liked the way the information [Adult Resilience] was presented and Jenny’s way of interacting with the group. There were lots of opportunities for discussion and lots of fun activities. It didn’t over-power me – it actually made me feel good about myself.


Thank you very much for what you shared with us so generously. I really liked the mindfulness and the deliberate action to cultivate win-win solutions , within different thoughts and different ways of doing.


Thank you for a great course. Lots of tools to put to use.

– Anonymous

Childrens’ Programmes

I found the ‘Fun Friends’ programme provided interactive and meaningful contexts for the children. The children developed long lasting skills for managing their feelings and relationships in a positive way. After our sessions we had language and strategies we could immediately use in the classroom and the playground. With all of us using the same language, the children were confident and capable of articulating when they had a problem and how they could manage some of the factors for themselves. They enjoyed the milkshake breathing, the games and the puppets, not to mention the celebratory party.

Jae-Marie, Classroom Teacher

Whaea Jenny helped us to learn how to make good friends and feel confident. If something yucky happens in the playground I can solve it. It [Fun Friends] taught me how to be brave and stand up for myself.

S & K, 6 year old students in Bi-lingual Classroom

Maddy has grown in confidence and self awareness since attending the Fun Friends programme with Jenny. The tools provided through the programme have equipped Maddy to deal with anxiety arising from stressful and/or new situations. Maddy has also developed a higher awareness of her impact on people during interaction, and likewise their impact on her. This given her the ability to be more mindful of the manner in which she conducts herself, and to draw boundaries in unhealthy situations. Maddy continues to use her tools, the whole experience has been invaluable. Thank you Jenny!

– Parent

We were noticing negative behaviours both at home and at school . When talking with Eva’s teacher we noticed her lack of confidence when risk taking and also some negative behaviour towards her friends that we felt stemmed from some self esteem issues.

Working with Jenny has been amazing. We have seen our little girl grow in confidence. Her school work has improved as she now has more confidence to take risks when trying new things. Her reading level has improved and her writing shows more detail as she is now more willing to give new words a go. She has gained more friends and now has the skills to make others feel good as well as herself. At home she is more settled and calm and does not try to seek attention to the extent she did before.

Overall we are thrilled with the positive effects. I would highly recommend this course to other students and their families.

– Parent

Training For Professionals

Thank you for facilitating with such skill and passion over the past couple of days. It was a real tonic for me personally and will be hugely helpful professionally. Thanks for sharing your passion for ‘Friends’ with such passion and humour.

Cath, Resource Teacher of Learning & Behaviour

Thank you for passion and investment in this programme and area of Education /health for our NZ tamariki. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous, Community Life Services.