Adult Resilience Program

Adult Resilience

Stress and anxiety can affect both children and adults. The Adult Resilience “Strong not Tough” program helps you to recognise and address the issues that may be holding you back in many areas of your life.

Be Resilient for LIFE

  • Learn to be mindful
  • Inner helpful thoughts
  • Feeling like a resilient person
  • Exercise and eat healthy

Adult life is full of developmental challenges we need to overcome. The way we establish our financial independence, start our careers (then possibly change them), navigate our relationships as well as raise our children and say goodbye to them, all help shape and define who we are as much as anything we do when ‘growing up’. Feeling overwhelmed and/or anxious is a natural by-product of such experiences or situations.

In recognition of the constant challenges and opportunities we as adults face on a daily basis, Adult Resilience “Strong not Tough” has been developed to teach adults the skill of mindfulness in order to navigate their experiences, effectively manage their emotions, prevent attempts of youth suicide and to be resilient for life. The evidence speaks for itself, showing that ‘mindful’ people are:

  • Less affected by stress (Cullen, 2011)
  • Better able to achieve long term goals (Howell & Buro, 2011)
  • Less anxious in their approach to life (Rapgay et al, 2011)

Resilience for LIFE is an interactive program developed to provide adults with positive coping skills to better navigate these experiences, effectively manage the associated feelings, and to be resilient for life.

Positive Benefits and Outcomes

Resilience for life teaches skills and strategies that are scientifically proven to help people:

  • Improve performance in their chosen field
  • Enjoy their experience of life transitions
  • Learn to address their negative attention biases