The FRIENDS For Life Program

Friends For Life

Developed in Australia and used in schools throughout the world, FRIENDS for Life program is the only such program acknowledged by the World Health Organisation for its fifteen years of comprehensive evaluation and practice.

For children, constant worry about relatively normal, everyday activities, such as a school camp, playing with friends or completing homework, as well as worry about overseas events such as wars, earthquakes and terrorism can significantly detract from a child’s learning. These effects can also extend to a child’s peers or siblings, multiplying the negative effects of anxiety.

Anxiety is the most common form of psychological disorder, affecting up to 20% of children and teenagers. If left unattended, anxiety significantly interferes with a child’s development and can cause serious problems in later life, such as social isolation, underachievement and depression.

The FRIENDS program is designed to reach out to all children, even those who do not always attract the help that they need. FRIENDS teaches emotional resilience that will stay with children for life, and teaches practical, useful strategies for coping with stress and enhances mental health and well being.

Parents – you can enroll your child in a FRIENDS for Life program!
If your school or centre is not offering the FRIENDS program you can enroll your child in one of Oranga’s FRIENDS programs.