My Friends Youth Program

My Friends Youth

Developed in Australia by Dr Paula Barrett, the My Friends Youth program:

  • Assists youth in developing life-skills to effectively cope with difficult and/or anxiety-provoking situations
  • Normalises the emotional state of anxiety
  • Builds emotional resilience and problem-solving abilities
  • Encourages peer learning and builds peer and other support networks
  • Promotes self-confidence when dealing with difficult or anxiety-provoking situations
  • Effectively prevents anxiety and depression in children and youth Promotes emotional wellbeing through group and peer learning contexts

The My Friends Youth Program also assists adolescents to:

  • Resist peer pressure Be a positive person
  • Develop positive and constructive friendships
  • Communicate more effectively with parents, peers and teachers
  • Study and organise themselves effectively
  • Be a leader Relax and cope effectively with the challenges of high-school

Admissions open for enrollment into My Friends Youth Program!