The Cool Kids

Practical Skills to Better Manager Your Child's Anxiety

The Cool Kids program is for children 7 – 12 years.  It is skills-based program which involves both the child and their parent(s), and focuses on teaching clear and practical skills to better manage a child’s anxiety.

There are a range of different types of anxiety experienced by children including finding it difficult to be away from parents, being extremely shy, worrying about what others think of them, avoiding social and school activities (e.g. speaking to people, class presentations) or worrying a lot about everyday matters, potential dangers and the future. Sleep difficulties, headaches, nausea and difficulty breathing can be part of these feelings. Many children experience more than one type of anxiety.

This world renowned program has been running since 1993 and studies have found most young people who complete it show significant improvement.

Topics include:

  • Learning about feelings and anxiety
  • Learning to think realistically
  • Parenting an anxious child
  • Fighting fear by facing fear (stepladders)
  • Learning coping skills such as building confidence or problem solving