Adult Resilience

Inquire now for dates of the upcoming Adult Workshops!

Three Evening Sessions  with a follow up 4th session, 4-5 weeks later.

In these workshops you will explore and develop the skills and attitudes that build resilience, specifically;

  • Self-Reflection
  • Mind based strategies – Attitude & Paradigm Shifting, Positive Psychology & Mindfulness
  • Brain based strategies – for understanding & accessing our ability to stay calm under pressure
  • Body based strategies for dealing with stress- self regulation, self-soothing, movement & relaxation
  • Communication strategies that build relationships and enhance problem solving while respecting boundaries – the ‘CALM Way’ to solve conflicts.
  • Coping Step Plans & Problem Solving Plans
  • Long term skills for staying fresh and preventing burnout
  • You will also receive a very comprehensive workbook written by Dr. Paula Barrett


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